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NCAA statement on Sen. Marco Rubio bill

We commend Senator Rubio for introducing this critical piece of federal legislation to support student-athletes.

The provisions of Senator Rubio’s bill are consistent with the many steps our member schools are taking to modernize name, image and likeness opportunities for college athletes. To support these efforts, our members also have stressed we need assistance from Congress to set a federal framework for name, image and likeness, and Senator Rubio’s bill does just that.

His bill sets out federal parameters for allowing student-athletes to profit from the use of their name, image and likeness without turning them into employees; preempts legislation at the state level; and importantly protects the Association from ongoing litigation as we move forward with establishing national rules on name, image and likeness. 

We look forward to working with Senator Rubio and other members of Congress to establish a legislative and legal framework at the federal level to strengthen the student-athlete experience and preserve the mission of college sports.