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Medical monitoring program launches for NCAA student-athletes

A medical monitoring program for NCAA student-athletes who are a part of the settlement class in several consolidated concussion-related class actions launched Feb. 18.

The settlement went into effect Nov. 18 and fully resolved the class-action litigation called In Re: National Collegiate Athletic Association Student-Athlete Concussion Injury Litigation. The NCAA and its insurers have contributed $70 million toward the funding of the program.

The program is available for those NCAA student-athletes who played an NCAA sport at a member school on or before July 15, 2016, and who did not opt out of participation. It is designed to assess symptoms possibly related to a prior history of concussion or head injury, as well as cognitive, mood, behavioral and motor problems that may be associated with mid- to late-onset brain diseases and disorders. The program provides access to free medical screening for class members and, if qualified, up to two free medical evaluations before Nov. 18, 2069. 

Class members who would like to participate in the medical monitoring program can register and sign up for updates at A screening questionnaire will be available in late March 2020 for class members to complete to determine whether they qualify for an in-person medical evaluation. Class members do not need to have been diagnosed with a concussion to participate. 

Participating in the medical monitoring program is voluntary, and class members did not have to respond to a settlement notice to participate in the program. Current or former student-athletes who are a part of the class can obtain more information at or by contacting the program administrator at or 877-209-9898.