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Division I Council tables proposals on name, image, likeness and transfers

Members reaffirm commitment to modernizing DI rules

The Division I Council on Monday announced it is committed to adopting new rules allowing student-athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness and expanding opportunities for student-athletes to compete immediately after transfer, but several external factors, including recent correspondence with the U.S. Department of Justice, prompted members to delay voting on the proposals.

The group tabled the name, image and likeness and transfer proposals and adopted a resolution stating it is committed to modernizing its rules. The Board of Governors directed each division to change name, image and likeness rules by January 2021, but  judicial, political and enforcement issues and a subsequent recommendation from NCAA President Mark Emmert influenced today’s decision.

Divisions II and III both have name, image and likeness proposals up for consideration during the NCAA Convention this week. Emmert is presenting his recommendation to delay a decision to both divisions.

“The Council remains fully committed to modernizing Division I rules in ways that benefit all student-athletes,” said Council chair M. Grace Calhoun, athletics director at Pennsylvania. “Unfortunately, external factors require this pause, and the Council will use this time to enhance the proposals.”

The Council asked the Division I Board of Directors to support the decision. The board meets Thursday.

Other legislation

Council members also increased the frequency, from every five years to every four years, in which an active school or conference must complete an equity, diversity and inclusion review.

The Council also adopted several proposals related to basketball. Members expanded the composition of the Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Committees from 10 to 12 members. Both committees will consist of one member selected from each of the five autonomy conferences and three members selected from the seven highest-ranked nonautonomy conferences based on basketball success. The remaining four members will be selected from the 20 other conferences.

The Council passed legislation that bans official and unofficial visits and school-sponsored camps and clinics during the NCAA College Basketball Academy (applicable to high school and prep school prospective student-athletes only). Members also adopted a rule that changes the first basketball contest date to one day earlier than the current rule when the official start date conflicts with the required day off for civic engagement. This change overrides the previous rule that moved the first contest date to Wednesday during presidential election years.


Council members also stressed to the Board of Directors the importance of timely resolution of investigations and adjudication of infractions cases. Members indicated concern about the length of time some investigations and/or adjudications are taking and offered Council assistance in reviewing infractions-related issues, including timeliness.

New chair and vice chair

The Council elected Shane Lyons, athletics director at West Virginia, to serve as the next chair. Lynda Tealer, executive associate athletics director for administration at Florida, will be the next vice chair. Their two-year terms begin July 1.