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Diversity Funding for Division III Conferences

The NCAA Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee (SPFC) approved the Division III Diversity and Inclusion Working Group’s request to provide funding to Division III conferences to support their member institutions with either 1.) internships for students who are women and/or ethnic minorities, preferably from a conference member institution and/or 2.) conference and/or institutional-based programming for women and ethnic minorities.


  • Internships and/or programming funded with these diversity grant dollars will not satisfy any Tier requirements of the Division III conference grant program.
  • The funding cycle will be September 1, 2020 to August 1, 2021.
  • Division III commissioner must submit a standardized proposal form for use of up to $2,500. 
  • No conference will receive more than $2,500 during the funding cycle.  Funding will be distributed on a first come basis pending an approved proposal.  No more than a total of $50,000 will be distributed in a funding cycle.
  • No later than August 15, 2021 a standard budget justification form must be submitted to Louise McCleary, Managing Director of Division III.
  • All proposals must support the Division III Diversity and Inclusion working groups goals (e.g. provide funding to conference offices, on request, to fund either internships for ethnic minority and female students or programming for ethnic minority and female students.
  • A subgroup of the Division III Diversity and Inclusion working group will review proposals and make final recommendations and approvals.   
  • Commissioners should work with the Division III governance staff, where appropriate, to answer questions and provide feedback.


August 28 - Notice to Division III commissioners of process and timeline for proposals.

September through August - Acceptance of proposals and distribution of funds on a first come basis.

August 15 - Deadline for budget justification forms.