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Today's Top 10

Honors Celebration

The Today's Top 10 Awards provide the Association with the opportunity to honor 10 outstanding senior student-athletes of the preceding academic year. Nominations are submitted through the NCAA Program Hub and are due by 5 p.m. Eastern time Friday, July 31.

Eligibility and Nominations Process

  • The nominee must be a varsity letter-winner.
  • The nominee must have a minimum GPA of 3.300.
  • The nominee must complete intercollegiate eligibility during the 2019-20 academic year to be eligible.
  • The recipients must participate in the January 2021 awards celebration.
  • There is no set male-female ratio. At least one winner will be selected from each division.
  • Geographical equality is not necessary.
  • An institution may nominate more than one student-athlete. No more than three Today's Top 10 recipients may come from any sport.
  • There is no limit on awardees from a single institution.

Selection Procedures

The NCAA Honors Committee will select the recipients in September.

Selection Criteria

  • Athletics ability and achievement: 50 percent
  • Academic achievement: 30 percent
  • Character, leadership and activities: 15 percent
  • Five additional percentage points may be awarded in any category

The following are notes on eligibility for 2021 awards only

Can senior student-athletes in spring sports be nominated even though they didn’t complete a fourth season of eligibility because the 2020 spring season was canceled?

Yes. Athletics scoring is based on nominees’ athletics accomplishments from throughout their collegiate careers. Even if a student’s 2020 spring season was canceled, he or she may be nominated, provided he or she otherwise satisfies the nomination criteria of competing and earning a varsity letter in an NCAA-sponsored sport at least one year. It’s not a requirement that the nominee competed and earned a varsity letter in 2019-20. Please note that students returning to compete in 2021 would be eligible for nomination next year.

Do student-athletes need to have graduated in 2019-20 to be eligible?

No. Exhaustion of athletics eligibility, rather than timing of graduation, determines the year for nomination.

Should the nominator note if the cancellation of 2020 winter and spring championships impacted individual or team honors that were not finalized?

Yes. Any applicable individual or team honors that were in progress but not finalized due to the COVID-19 pandemic should be noted within the athletics achievements section of the nomination form (for example, named as one of three finalists for 2020 player of the year; player of the year honor was not awarded). Nominators should not speculate regarding awards or honors that may have been earned if the winter/spring championships had not been canceled.

Can a student-athlete whose 2019-20 academic year was changed to online instruction, pass/fail grading or other modifications due to the COVID-19 pandemic be nominated?

Yes. Academics scoring is based on the nominee’s undergraduate cumulative GPA as determined by the school. Even if a student-athlete’s 2019-20 academic year was modified due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he or she may be nominated, provided nomination criteria is met.

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