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Division I Committee on Infractions


Committee Member Duties


The Committees on Infractions are independent bodies composed of individuals from NCAA member institutions. Each Division (I, II and III) has its own committee. The Division I Committee on Infractions currently has 10 members composed of seven individuals from NCAA member institutions and three from the general public. One of the seven members from the NCAA membership is a non-voting committee member.One of the public members is also a non-voting committee member, these two individuals represent the committee on matters appealed to the Division I Infractions Appeals Committee. The committee has the authority to determine what findings (if any) should be made and what (if any) penalties should be assessed upon a member institution.The Division I Committee on Infractions meet up to six times per year for two- or three-day meetings at various locations throughout the country.

There are four NCAA staff personnel (director,assistant director, assistant coordinator and administrative assistant) whom assist the committee in drafting reports, letters, arranging committee travel and meeting planning.

Committee on Infractions Hearing Procedures