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Agent Certification

The April 2018 report from the Commission on College Basketball chaired by Condoleezza Rice recommended, and the NCAA adopted, legislation to allow SOME student-athletes to hire NCAA-certified agents so that the student-athletes can receive meaningful assessment of their professional prospects earlier in their journey.  The commission focused solely on men’s basketball (MBB), and it was the commission’s belief that these student-athletes needed earlier professional advice to determine whether it is in their best interests to declare for the NBA draft or whether college basketball offers a superior pathway.

As a result, following the 2018-19 basketball season, NCAA legislation will allow a select few student-athletes to meet with and be represented by an NCAA-certified agent without losing eligibility.  To accomplish this, the NCAA is creating an agent certification program; initially only applicable to MBB.

Prior to the launch of the NCAA agent certification program, an NBPA-certified agent is considered an NCAA-certified agent.  However, once the NCAA agent certification program is operational in August 2019, any NBPA registered agent that wants to enter into an agent agreement with a student-athlete will need to be NCAA-certified and the NCAA standard will be more stringent than the NBPA standard.  For example, in order to be eligible to be NCAA-certified, an agent must be registered with the NBPA for a specific number of years.

Be aware that an enrolled student-athlete (or two-year college prospective student-athlete) would only be permitted to be represented by an NCAA-certified agent 1) after the conclusion of the student athlete’s playing season; and 2) after they have requested an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee.  REMINDER that nothing changes until after the conclusion of the 2018-19 basketball season.

More information on this program, application, requirements, etc. will be posted as it becomes available.