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Agent Certification Application Process


  1. Create an online account in the NCAA Agent Certification System (ACS) at
  2. Once initial information is submitted about the applicant, the ACS will automatically send a confirmation email to the address provided at registration.
  3. Activate their online account by clicking the hyperlink in the confirmation email.
  4. Once the hyperlink is clicked, the agent profile will automatically open and the agent must provide some additional information AND create a password so that they can login to the account in the future.

NOTE: Only One Account Needed. Once an account is created, that same account should be utilized each year.  Contact information can be updated at any time, so agents should NOT create a new account if edits need to be made to the address, phone number or email. 


  1. Annually apply with the NCAA in ACS.
  2. Provide information about education, employment, professional licenses and certifications, legal proceedings, professional sports experience, associated personnel and affiliations, services provide and fees.
  3. Disclose any conflicts of interest.
  4. Complete background check. Be prepared to provide driver's license information, details regarding your bachelor's degree (start and end dates, major, college/university name, location), and seven years of address history.
  5. Pay $250 nonrefundable application fee.

NCAA Review.

  1. Once the background check has been processed, ECAG will review the application.
  2. If clarification is needed regarding the agent's submission, ECAG will email the agent and request additional information. The agent will have 10 calendar days to respond in writing via email.  Failure to respond by the deadline will result in a denial of the agent's application. 
  3. If an agent's application is approved, ECAG will notify the agent via email of his/her eligibility to take the in-person exam.

In-Person Exam.

  1. In-person exam is currently scheduled for November 6 at the NCAA National Office in Indianapolis, In.
  2. Will consist of 50 questions regarding NCAA bylaws on amateurism, progress towards degree requirements, academic misconduct, recruiting, the use of agents and certification requirements.  An agent must get at least 40 questions correct to pass.
  3. Study materials will be available on the agent certification website at and ECAG will host an in-person review session the morning before the exam is administered. More details about the exam will be posted online and included in the invitation email.

Pay Certification Fee (annually).

  1. If a successful score is achieved on the NCAA exam, ECAG will notify the agent via email 
  2. If eligible, the agent will need to login to, upload a professional photo, review/correct contact information to be posted in the NCAA Directory, and pay the $1250 certification fee. The photo and fee must be submitted no later than 10 days from the date of the NCAA notification.
  3. Once payment is received, the agent will be posted to the NCAA online directory of certified agents. The NCAA-certified agent directory will begin to populate online beginning December 1.
  4. If the agent fails to pass the in-person exam, the agent must wait until the next year to try again.
  5. NCAA certification is valid from the date of the agent is added to the director each year until the following September 30th.

Reapply the following year using the same ACS user account.