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Agent Certification

In 2018 the Commission on College Basketball reported that NCAA student-athletes needed earlier professional advice to determine whether it is in their best interests to declare for the NBA draft or return to college. As a result, the NCAA agent certification program was created. Student-athletes whose basketball season has concluded and who have requested an evaluation from the NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee via email at may be represented by an NCAA-certified agent and still retain their NCAA eligibility. 


To become an NCAA-certified agent one must:

  1. Have a bachelor's degree and/or be certified by and in good standing with the NBPA;
  2. Have been NBPA certified for at least three consecutive years;
  3. Maintain professional liability insurance;
  4. Submit application by appropriate deadline.

Application Process

Register Online in the NCAA Certified Agent Portal (CAP).

  1. Submit Application to NCAA.
    1. Includes disclosing conflicts of interest;
    2. Successful completion of background check;
    3. Payment of nonrefundable application fee.
  2. NCAA Review of Application.
  3. Notification of Eligibility to Take the In-Person Exam.
  4. In-Person Exam.
  5. Pay Certification Fee (annually).
  6. Reapply the following year using the same CAP user account.

For more specific details regarding the application process, see: Application Process Description.


The application will be available annually between midnight July 1 and 11:59 pm August 31 (Eastern time). Late submissions are not accepted.  Failure to apply while the application is available online will require the agent to wait until the application is available the following year.

Background Check

During the NCAA application process, the agent will be redirected to the Sterling Volunteers website to provide additional information in order to complete the background check portion of the application.  The agent will need to provide his/her driver's license information, address history for seven years, and information about his/her bachelor’s degree (start and end dates, major, college/university name and location) for the background check to be completed.

The disqualifying criteria for the background check can be accessed here: Background Check Information and Disqualifying Criteria.

Once the background check has been processed, ECAG will evaluate each application in the order they are submitted.


For 2019, the application fee is $250 which includes a full background check and is paid directly to Sterling Volunteers at the conclusion of the application.  The application fee is non-refundable and is required annually. The certification fee is $1250 and will be paid in the NCAA Agent Certification System.

In-Person Exam

FIRST YEAR APPLICANTS who successfully complete the application and background check requirement will be required to take the in-person exam. 2020 exam dates have not yet been scheduled.

Exams will be administered at the NCAA National Office in Indianapolis, Indiana. An in-person review session will be offered before the exam.

The exam will consist of 50 multiple choice or true/false questions focusing on: (1) NCAA initial and continuing eligibility requirements; (2) NCAA recruiting and related rules; (3) NCAA agent certification rules; (4) amateurism; (5) extra benefits; and (6) financial competency.

The exam is "open book" but electronic devices will not be permitted. Agents must achieve a score of at least 80% to pass the exam. After the exams are graded and ECAG reviews all the information available, the agent's eligibility to be certified will be determined. The agent will be notified of that decision and those who are eligible will be instructed to log back into CAP, confirm the contact information that will be posted in the directory, upload a professional photo, and pay the certification fee. After these steps are completed, the agent will appear on the NCAA directory posted on

RETURNING APPLICANTS must fulfill the continuing education requirements. More information on this process will be posted in the near future.

Need Help?

Contact Enforcement Certification and Approvals Group (ECAG).