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Race and Ethnicity

The NCAA office of inclusion seeks to bring heightened awareness and sensitivity to the issues and challenges of racial/ethnic minorities across the landscape of intercollegiate athletics as it relates to engagement, hiring and retention. By engaging college and university presidents and decision makers on these stated issues, the office of inclusion strives to assist in creating an environment that is supportive of increased and equitable participation and career opportunities for underrepresented student-athletes, coaches and administrators.

  • NCAA Race and Gender Demographics Database: NCAA compiles and provides statistical information regarding certain demographic characteristics of various groups within our member institutions and conferences. Since the 2010-11 year, data previously compiled as the Student-Athlete Race and Gender Demographics Report has been provided in an online searchable database.


Advocates for Athletic Equity (AAE): Formerly known as the Black Coaches and Administrators group, the Advocates for Athletic Equity was formed to promote ethnic minority coaches for positions of leadership through professional development, cultivation, networking and mentoring opportunities.

Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA): The Minority Opportunities Athletic Association (MOAA) provides opportunities to exchange ideas, advocate increased participation and administrative opportunities for minorities in athletics. The MOAA also promotes generating a sports culture that supports the values necessary to teach and learn respect for self and others.