Summer 2017

Jock Jams

Looking to add a little energy to your game day? Some programs turn to in-house DJs who employ social science in their song selection.

Family Circus

Gordon Wild takes the jokes about clowns in stride.

Breathing Uneasy

Though Maddy Conklin can run six miles during a field hockey game, the Cornell midfielder’s biggest challenge is staying a step ahead of cystic fibrosis.

Time Well Spent

Spare time is a rare commodity for a college baseball player, especially in-season.

Route Toward Success

Julian Lowe had to refuse to let the difficulties he faced stymie his future.

Fan of the Century

At age 99, Paul Morrison has an encyclopedic memory of Drake athletics.

Help for His Homeland

Home may be 7,000 miles away for Benard Kibet, but it’s always in his heart.

Off to a Good Start

Janine Kuwahara came to the U.S. not knowing what to expect from life as a college athlete.

Strong Out of the Gate

During the past two years, it has been my honor to serve as the inaugural chair of the NCAA Division I Council.

Two-a-Day Q&A

This spring, all three divisions adopted legislation that ended the long-standing tradition of two-a-day contact practices.


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