Summer 2016

Game, Set, Match for Ashland Icon

Two loves of Carl Leedy’s life have been tennis and the city of Ashland, Ohio. So it was understandably difficult when he announced his retirement.

45 Years of Growth

Bob Boerigter had been a high school coach for only two years when his alma mater, Northwestern College in Iowa, hired him.

A Coach of Coaches

Keri Becker says she was “born and raised” in Division II athletics.

A Historic Step

Big Sky Conference commissioner Andrea Williams is the first African-American woman chosen to lead an NCAA Division I conference.

Within a Split Second

Inside the moments that create an NCAA champion in the world’s oldest sport.

Why Is That a Rule?

From eligibility to drug testing to host sites, the thinking behind NCAA standards.

The Missing Peace

The mystery of what her fate could have been compels Lillian Martino Bradley, who was adopted from Ghana at age 3, to be a voice for human trafficking victims.

There’s No Place Like Home

Home courts are a point of pride for colleges, but teams in New York often have to find creative solutions for practice and competition.

Coach Me if You Can

Olympics-seasoned college coaches share their games strategies before Rio.

Simpler Is Better

Flip halfway through Division II’s rules manual and you’ll find a chapter that has drawn more questions and confusion than most legislation.


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