Survey: Ethnic minority women in college sports need more opportunities

Respondents to an NCAA survey of ethnic minority women in college coaching and sports administration indicated concern and frustration about opportunities available to them in their careers. In the study, titled “Perceived Barriers for Ethnic Minority Females in Collegiate Athletics Careers,” almost all respondents agreed there are qualified ethnic minority women and men who don’t apply for jobs because of hiring perceptions and perceived barriers. Ethnic minority females account for fewer than 7 percent of the athletics professionals at NCAA member schools in all three divisions.

Gallup study measures long-term life outcomes of former student-athletes

In an effort to track the long-term outcomes of past participants in college sports compared with other students on campus, the NCAA collaborated with Gallup Inc. to survey those who graduated from 1970-2014.

NCAA awards 2016 research grants

Four research teams will receive a total of $100,000 through the NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant Program, designed to enhance college athletes’ life skills, psychosocial well-being and mental health.

Number of NCAA college athletes climbs again

More college students than ever are participating in NCAA championship sports. The latest count of NCAA student-athletes shows they now number 482,533.

Academics committee makes graduate student recommendations

College athletes who have completed an undergraduate degree and choose to continue their education while continuing to compete could be required to meet enhanced academic standards if two concepts proposed by the Division I Committee on Academics become rules

NCAA to fund research grants

The NCAA is seeking proposals for its Innovations in Research and Practice Grant Program, which awards $100,000 to research and data-driven projects designed to help college athletes.

A pragmatic approach

The University of Michigan was one of six awardees that received an NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant in 2014, the first year of the program. The grants are intended to provide tangible benefits to student-athletes, by both informing research geared toward their wellness and more directly, by creating programming aimed at enhancing well-being and mental health outcomes.

NCAA announces research grant recipients

Six teams of researchers will receive a total of $100,000 through the NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant Program, which funds research aimed at supplying tangible benefits to the psychological well-being and mental health of college athletes.

Seven research grants funded for graduate students

The NCAA Research Committee and the Sport Science Institute have selected seven research proposals to fund as part of the 2014 cycle of the NCAA Graduate Student Research Grant Program.

Innovations grant proposals sought

Proposals are being sought for the second year of the NCAA Innovations in Research and Practice Grant Program. The program will award $100,000 to support research and data-driven projects aimed at improving the mental health and psychosocial well-being of student-athletes.


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