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Academic outcomes for Division I postgraduate student-athletes

As progress-toward-degree standards have increased in Division I, more student-athletes are completing their undergraduate degree with athletics eligibility remaining.

Tracking transfer in Division I Men’s Basketball

Many of today’s college graduates transfer at some point on their way to a degree. Among student-athletes this may be most visible in Division I men’s basketball.

Prevalence of Graduate Transfer in Division I

Division I student-athletes are earning their undergraduate degrees in record numbers and doing it more quickly than ever.

The First in Their Family

In the most recent NCAA GOALS study , 16% of student-athletes reported being first-generation college students (defined here as neither parent having attended college). Who is most likely to be a first-generation student? Division II...

The True “One-and-Done” Problem in Division I Men’s Basketball

Since the NBA made high school players ineligible for the Draft, there has been discontent about college basketball’s “one-and-done” problem.

Come and Knock on Our Door

For better or worse, living arrangements profoundly impact every student’s college experience.  Because compatibility with roommates is recognized as a key factor in academic success, college satisfaction, mental well-being and transfer decisions, the days of randomly assigning roommates are over at many colleges.

Playing it Forward: Commitment to Service Among Student-Athletes

Being an NCAA student-athlete is demanding in terms of both time and energy.  So, you might excuse them for focusing solely on sport and school during college.

Tracking Division I Graduate Transfers

Division I student-athletes who earn a bachelor’s degree prior to exhausting their athletics eligibility may go on to compete as graduate students for another school provided they meet certain criteria (NCAA Bylaw 14.6.1) or obtain an NCAA waiver...

If I could change one thing about my student-athlete experience...

Recently we published a word cloud that displayed how a national sample of NCAA student-athletes described the best part of their college experience . The NCAA GOALS survey also included an opportunity for student-athletes to comment on...

The best part of my student-athlete experience is...

The 2010 NCAA GOALS survey gave student-athletes an open-ended opportunity to complete that sentence. This word cloud highlights the 75 most commonly used words 12,000 NCAA student-athletes included in their responses. The most frequently...


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