Presidents Council

DII Presidents Council backs three proposals

Division II’s commitment to providing student-athletes a balanced college experience commanded the attention of the Division II Presidents Council this week as the group considered proposed legislation for the 2018 NCAA Convention.

DIII council supports revised transfer proposal

The Division III Presidents Council has formally voiced its support for four significant pieces of legislation.

DIII Presidents Council approves football waiver

Division III football preseason practice will be permitted to begin two days earlier this year.

DII Presidents Council votes to eliminate football two-a-days

Traditional two-a-day football practices in the preseason will no longer be permissible in Division II, the Division II Presidents Council determined this week. At its April 25-26 meeting in Indianapolis, the council voted to adopt emergency legislation to align the division with new health and safety recommendations endorsed by the NCAA’s Sport Science Institute and leading scientific and sports medicine organizations.

Council opposes liberalizing grad transfers in DIII

The Division III Presidents Council cited concerns with how the proposal meshes with the division’s philosophy.

DII Presidents Council endorses international membership pilot

As an NCAA pilot program permitting international membership approaches the end of its 10-year window, the Division II Presidents Council last week affirmed its support for the program and its hope that international membership will continue to be possible in Division II.

DIII health and safety proposal advances

The Division III Presidents Council endorsed a key piece of legislation designed to protect student-athletes.

Financial aid proposals to see DII membership vote

The Division II Presidents Council last week ensured three heavily discussed financial aid proposals will come to a membership vote in January.

DII awards Foundation for the Future funding

Programs that support the Division II strategic plan will receive funding through the Division II Foundation for the Future initiative.

DII Presidents Council OKs financial aid concepts

Three legislative concepts that would change Division II financial aid rules have received more support, gaining affirmative votes this week from the division’s top governing body.


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