Playing Rules

Soccer Rules Committee proposes hydration breaks

Based on a recommendation from the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports, the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules Committee proposed hydration breaks at a set time during each half.

Football Rules Committee proposes modifying targeting protocols

The NCAA Football Rules Committee met this week in Indianapolis and recommended two adjustments to its targeting rules to strengthen one of the most important calls of the game.

Football Rules Committee to examine targeting

The NCAA Football Rules Committee will discuss fundamental enhancements to the targeting rule when it holds its annual in-person meeting in Indianapolis.

2015 men’s basketball changes sent game in right direction

When the NCAA Men’s Basketball Rules Committee gathered in May 2015, it knew the game needed some help.

Fourth umpire approved for 2019 DI Softball Championship

The Division I Competition Oversight Committee approved a four-umpire system for regionals, super regionals and the Women’s College World Series, beginning with the 2019 Division I Softball Championship.

Team playoff format modified in men’s golf

The Division I Competition Oversight Committee approved adjusting how team playoffs are conducted in the Division I Men’s Golf Championships.

Referee stands mandated for beach volleyball

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a beach volleyball rule that mandates a referee stand with a platform, podium ladder or platform workstation for each competition court by the 2020 season for a contest to count.

Men’s lacrosse adds 80-second shot clock

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved both a visible 80-second shot clock on every possession and rule changes that allow offenses more flexibility around the crease in men’s lacrosse.

Video review challenge system approved in baseball

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved giving baseball coaches two video review challenges per game where the technology is available, starting with the 2019 season.

60-second shot clock proposed in men’s lacrosse

The NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules Committee has recommended visual 60-second shot clocks on every possession beginning with the 2019 regular season.


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