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Meet five former student-athletes featured in NCAA “Careers” spot

Before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the world, an architect, a cardiac electrophysiologist, a preschool owner and director, a motivational speaker and author, and a university president traveled to New York City to reflect on an experience they shared: college athletics.

Creating space: Amiah Mims leading efforts to create inclusion in racing community

Former Kent State gymnast Amiah Mims never expected a career in the racing industry. Now, she’s leading efforts to make it a more inclusive space.

2021 Award of Valor: Jaimire Dutrieuille

An act of bravery has earned Jaimire Dutrieuille the NCAA Award of Valor, presented to someone who, when confronted with a situation involving personal danger, averted or minimized potential disaster by a courageous action.

2021 Inspiration Award: Chaunté Lowe

Four-time Olympian and three-time NCAA champion Chaunté Lowe beat breast cancer while sharing her story with millions to raise awareness about its dangers and warning signs.

2021 NCAA Silver Anniversary Award recipients announced

Seven former college athletes will receive the NCAA Silver Anniversary Award in recognition of their collegiate and professional achievements, as well as their civic contributions.

Classroom comeback

Shaquita Smith and Terrance Motley are among the first handful of former men’s and women’s basketball players to graduate through the NCAA Former Student-Athlete Degree Achievement Program.

Longtime UIndy AD: ‘Never sell yourself short’

When speaking with Sue Willey, vice president for intercollegiate athletics at UIndy, you know you’re speaking with a person of passion. That’s a feeling required for anyone who aspires to work in college athletics, she said.

What my sport taught me: Teamworks Founder & CEO Zach Maurides

At an early age, football taught me what it meant to set ambitious, long-term goals and then take the day-to-day steps to see them come to fruition.

Responding to the need

Health care workers are one example of front-line workers across an array of industries who are putting their lives on the line to help others during this pandemic. And many are former or current student-athletes.

Going global: How 5 postgraduate student-athletes continued their game abroad

For most NCAA student-athletes, their playing days end at commencement or whenever their eligibility runs out. However, not all student-athletes are ready to stop competing or stop learning after they walk across that stage.


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