Legislation Committee

Division II drafts name, image and likeness legislative proposals

The Division II Legislation Committee on Tuesday recommended several legislative proposals for the division that would permit student-athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness.

Division II Legislation Committee recommends transfer proposal

The Division II Legislation Committee this week recommended the division sponsor legislation at the 2020 NCAA Convention to adopt the “notification of transfer” model that was established last year in Division I.

New online program may replace DII coaches test

A new Division II online education program set to launch this spring could become the replacement for the required certification test that Division II coaches take annually.

DII committee reviews organized competition rules

The Division II Legislation Committee last week launched a review of the division’s rules on organized outside competition, a set of regulations that exists to ensure competitive balance among student-athletes.

DII committee recommends financial aid concepts

The Division II Legislation Committee recommended three concepts this week that would substantially change the way financial aid is awarded to Division II student-athletes.

DII Legislation Committee begins review of nonchampionship segments

In response to membership requests, the Division II Legislation Committee this week began a review of the Division II rules that regulate how much a student-athlete can practice and compete outside of their traditional playing season.

Division II Legislation Committee reviews unattached competition, financial aid

Recurring questions about a Division II bylaw has sparked a review of the regulations for athletes competing “unattached” in individual sports.

DII Legislation Committee recommends certification for strength coaches

The Division II Legislation Committee at its June 17-19 meeting recommended legislation involving national certification for designated strength and conditioning coaches, publicity for student-athlete signings and unlimited meals and snacks for student-athletes.

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