Leadership Council

DI Leadership Council offers structure advice

The Division I Leadership Council provided advice to a group in the newly redesigned governance structure: the Council. The Leadership Council met Thursday in Indianapolis

Council recommends transfer policy change

The waiver process for certain Division I undergraduate student-athletes could change to allow for extra time to complete a degree rather than the opportunity to compete immediately after transfer.

Waiver process to be more flexible

Council gives NCAA staff ability to consider student-athletes’ personal circumstances when making decisions.

Leadership Council considers transfer change, delays final decision

The Division I Leadership Council will consider a change to the waiver process and could make a decision this spring.

Division I Transfer change could come this week

The Division I Leadership Council subcommittee studying the issue of transfers will make recommendations to the full Leadership Council at the NCAA Convention to make changes to the division’s transfer rules, which would be passed on to the Division I Board of Directors for approval by the end of the week.

Subcommittee proposes new football recruiting rules

Division I football coaches could have both new recruiting rules and increased access to their student-athletes in the summer if a group of rules changes is adopted by the Board of Directors later this month.

Morris: Leadership Council weighs in on review, future

As a critical part of the Division I decision-making process, the Leadership Council is focused on strategic issues, including a more concentrated review of the Division I governance structure and a review of important topics likely to...

New Leadership Council chair calls for more membership involvement in reform

By Michelle Brutlag Hosick Eight months after she graduated from Cornell with a consumer economics degree, Noreen Morris was working out of an office building in downtown Boston, making 60 to 80 phone calls a day to try to convince people...

DI Leadership Council continues basketball recruiting discussion

By Michelle Brutlag Hosick The Division I Leadership Council moved closer to making recommendations aimed at improving the men’s basketball recruiting environment. The discussion will continue over the next several months, with legislation...

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