Keeping Score

More athletics departments in autonomy conferences are self-sufficient, but others in DI are increasingly subsidized

Anyone who even casually follows college sports’ financial trends knows a gap has long existed between schools in the five autonomy conferences and the rest of Division I.

As fewer schools miss mark, DI looks at academic standards

When the Division I Board of Directors decided in 2012 to increase the Academic Progress Rate’s benchmark from 900 to 930, it sought to push teams to meet a higher academic standard.

NCAA schools’ investments yield returns for Olympians

Every year the U.S. Olympic Committee supports America’s future medalists, but the organization is also open about the fact that it doesn’t work alone.

Female gymnasts use narcotic pain meds at a higher rate than other college athletes

In gymnastics, every detail and line is highlighted. Those recovering from injury use flesh-colored athletic tape to be less distinguishable.

Lacrosse coaches show staying power in Division I positions

The number of women's teams in Division I lacrosse has nearly tripled since 1981-82, and the number of men's teams has grown by 40 percent in the same time period.

Student-athlete numbers keep climbing, but not all sports  keep same pace

Each fall for the past 15 years, the number of NCAA college athletes has stepped closer to reaching 500,000 nationwide.

Parental Guidance

Just how much do college athletes rely on their parents and family for support during their college years?

Stung by a Stereotype

A recently released study suggests many student-athletes still perceive that long-standing stereotypes persist.

Who Is Sleeping?

The benefits of catching more zzz’s will extend beyond athletics.

Global Opportunities

The last five years have shown increased interest in sports that haven’t traditionally drawn international competitors.


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