Former Hawaii men’s basketball coach’s violations upheld by appeals committee

A finding that a former University of Hawaii, Manoa, head men’s basketball coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules was upheld by the NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee

Penalties appealed by Hawaii case sent back to Committee on Infractions

The Division I Committee on Infractions must reconsider the penalties it prescribed to the University of Hawaii, Manoa, including the men’s basketball postseason ban, scholarship reductions and fine

Former Alabama State softball coach failed to promote atmosphere for compliance

A former Alabama State University head softball coach did not promote an atmosphere for compliance when she allowed student-athletes to participate in countable athletically related activity in excess of what NCAA rules allow

Adrian ice hockey receives public reprimand and suspensions

Adrian College has received a public reprimand and suspensions after misconduct by the head coach and select student-athletes, which included an altercation, at this year’s NCAA Division III Men’s Ice Hockey Championship quarterfinals in Adrian, Michigan.

Former Lenoir-Rhyne head men’s basketball coach acted unethically

A former Lenoir-Rhyne University head men’s basketball coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he committed recruiting violations, did not provide an atmosphere for compliance and did not participate in an interview during the NCAA investigation

Evaluations show infractions process improvements

Reforms intended to shape the future of Division I’s infractions process took effect three years ago – and this summer, two phases of that process have completed self-assessments required by those changes. The reforms, part of a broader...

NCAA Division I Enforcement and Infractions Review Group

Charge of the Review Group The NCAA Division I Enforcement and Infractions Review Group shall conduct a review of the enforcement and infractions processes. The NCAA Division I Board of Directors identified this as a strategic priority...

Misconduct penalties issued to DII programs

The Division II Men’s Basketball Committee has issued misconduct penalties to Southern Connecticut State and St. Thomas Aquinas related to a postgame fight.

Norfolk State failed to monitor its eligibility certification process

Norfolk State University failed to monitor its eligibility certification process, which resulted in improper certifications for student-athletes.

Central State lacked institutional control

Central State University lacked institutional control when it did not have the proper systems in place to detect and prevent violations


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