Health and Safety

Addressing student-athlete hazing

Susie Bruce, director, Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, University of Virginia; and Holly Deering, health educator, Gordie Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, University of Virginia

“… The intention was to have a fun night of team bonding, not to humiliate or embarrass anyone. … We realize it didn’t benefit us or improve our skills. It didn’t make us close as a team, and in fact, just the opposite occurred! Our fall season was canceled, as was our spring break, and our team is on probation. 


Student-Athlete Concussion Injury Litigation

If you played a NCAA sport at a member school any time prior to July 15, 2016, you may be entitled to free medical screening and may receive free medical testing, known as “medical monitoring,” up to two times over the next 50 years. You...

NCAA catastrophic injury coverage enhanced

The NCAA catastrophic injury insurance program benefits have been enhanced for student-athletes who have suffered severe athletics-related injuries.

DII Management Council supports new proposals

Issues concerning student-athlete health and safety, time demands and academic misconduct took center stage at the Division II Management Council meeting.

DIII Management Council endorses proposals

A trio of key proposals, endorsed this week by the Management Council, appear to be bound for a membership vote at the 2017 NCAA Convention.

CSMAS recommendation empowers medical staffs

The NCAA’s committee responsible for student-athlete health and safety took steps at its summer meeting to better establish medical personnel as authoritative decision-makers in college sports. During its meeting June 15-17 in Dallas, the...

Survey: Most DI schools provide injury coverage

A new survey indicates that a majority of Division I institutions provide insurance coverage to their student-athletes for athletically related injuries and that student-athletes at relatively few schools incur out-of-pocket costs related to an injury.

New guidance on preventing sudden cardiac death in athletes published

NCAA, medical specialists recommend all universities have well-rehearsed emergency action plan for sudden cardiac arrest.

9 schools added to NCAA-DOD concussion study

The NCAA-Department of Defense CARE Consortium study is on the cusp of entering its third year and now includes 30 institutions across the country.


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