Health and Safety

2017 NCAA CHOICES grant program selects winners

Here are the 2017 winning institutions and their project abstracts that they will use as a guide when developing their projects. Babson College (Division III; New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference) The mission of Babson College...

Nutrition, Sleep and Performance Summits and Task Forces

The NCAA Sport Science Institute is committed to serving and educating student-athletes, athletics departments and member schools. To help accomplish this goal, we collaborate with prominent medical and sports medicine organizations,...

CARE Consortium Preliminary Findings

Researchers shared preliminary findings from the largest-ever study of concussion in sport last week at an event hosted by the Pac-12 Conference at the University of California, Los Angeles. The principal investigators overseeing the NCAA-...

Researchers discuss initial CARE concussion study findings

Researchers shared preliminary findings last week from the largest-ever study of concussion in sport.

Concussion and college sports

The NCAA continues devoting resources to research, education and other efforts to make student-athletes safer.

Football practice guidelines updated

The Year-Round Football Practice Contact Recommendations serve as an update to guidelines published in 2014.

CSMAS supports increasing its student-athletes’ votes

The NCAA’s health and safety committee supported giving each of its student-athlete representatives a vote on the group’s decisions.

The Athlete’s Kitchen: Alcohol & Athletes

By Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D., CSSD

Athletes are competitive. Unfortunately, too many competitive athletes are also competitive drinkers, not to be outdone by their teammates. Ask any coach or college athletics director, and you’ll hear concern about alcohol and athletes—a dangerous duo, especially among team sports. Excessive alcohol intake is associated with injuries, poor grades in school, arguments, sexual violence, loss of memory, driving under the influence and trouble with the law—to say nothing of vomiting, hangovers and...

NCAA Commission to Combat Campus Sexual Violence

The NCAA Commission to Combat Campus Sexual Violence was created in 2016 by the NCAA Board of Governors to proactively examine issues and propose solutions related to what athletics departments, conferences and the national Association...

NCAA convenes commission on sexual violence

A commission appointed by the NCAA’s highest-ranking board gathered Tuesday in a daylong meeting aimed at establishing the commission’s role as the NCAA works to combat sexual violence on college campuses.


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