Changes announced for DI Women’s Basketball Championship

Update : After this story was published, the NCAA women’s basketball staff received feedback from regional hosts of the 2016 Division I Women’s Basketball Championship noting that due to other commitments they will not be able to make...

DI Competition Oversight Committee sets finance subcommittee strategies

The Division I Competition Oversight Committee met Monday and Tuesday in Indianapolis and charged its finance subcommittee with reviewing resource allocation and management in areas of student-athlete experience and long-term financial sustainability in the championships program.

DI Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee amends draft proposal

The Division I Men’s Basketball Oversight Committee amended its proposal that would allow college coaches 20 hours a week of access to work out their players who are invited to participate in the NBA Draft Combine. The Division I Council sponsored the proposal during its September meeting.

DI Council starts discussion about time demands

The Division I Council this week began a discussion about how to address the time demands on college athletes, and members will look to the students themselves to offer potential solutions.

DI board appoints working group members

Two working groups this fall will begin addressing issues identified at the Division I Strategic Summit.

Members to review legislative proposals

NCAA championships could be played in states that allow sports wagering and coaches could text recruits without restrictions, if membership-sponsored proposals related to these respective issues are approved by the Division I Council.

Minority administrators participate in seventh Governance Academy

For the seventh straight year, Division II partnered with the Minority Opportunities Athletic Association to give young minority and female administrators an up-close look at the Division II governance structure.

Division I Council sponsors football recruiting proposal

If a proposal sponsored by the Division I Council is adopted next year, Division I schools could pay for parents or guardians of Football Bowl Subdivision student-athletes to accompany their children on official recruiting visits.

DI seeks policies that reaffirm commitment to education

Division I leadership’s top priority remains the education of college athletes, and future decisions will strengthen that commitment, the Division I Board of Directors decided Wednesday after reviewing recommendations developed this week at the Division I Strategic Summit.

Division II Management Council supports proposals addressing strength and conditioning coaches, unattached athletes

The Division II Management Council recommended that the Presidents Council sponsor a proposal that calls for the certification of Division II strength and conditioning coaches. It also supported proposals that would change the rules on student-athletes who compete “unattached” in individual sports.


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