Division III SAAC opposes social media deregulation

The Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee supports all but one of the proposals that will be up for vote at January’s NCAA Convention in San Antonio.

Division III finishes 2014-15 with budget surplus

The Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee, during a conference call on Nov. 12, received a budget update and also acted on several action requests related to the division’s conference grant program.

Board of Governors names Lemons vice-chair

The NCAA’s Board of Governors took its first step toward restructuring Thursday when the Association’s top governing body named Susquehanna University President L. Jay Lemons as the first vice-chair in the group’s history.

Division II Presidents Council backs two membership-sponsored proposals

The Division II Presidents Council agreed with the Division II Management Council on four membership-sponsored proposals that will come to a vote at the 2016 NCAA Convention.

DI Presidential Forum sets priorities in initial meeting

The Division I Presidential Forum, which met for the first time Wednesday in Indianapolis, will focus on providing guidance to the Division I Board of Directors in four key areas.

DI board adopts strategic agenda

The Division I Board of Directors approved a two-year strategic agenda, providing for the first time a roadmap that will help the membership navigate what issues will be considered and when.

DII Management Council takes positions on membership-sponsored proposals

The Division II Management Council this week established its position on four membership-sponsored proposals that will come to a vote at the 2016 NCAA Convention.

Citing a need to protect the “life in the balance” approach to the student-athlete experience in Division II, council members decided to oppose two proposals they felt encroached on that philosophy. “We want to keep our focus on the student part of student-athlete,” said Tim Ladd, the faculty athletics...

Division III playing and practice season review moves forward

The ongoing review of playing and practice seasons in Division III has taken a significant step forward. The Division III Management Council, in a meeting this week in Indianapolis, reviewed data from a recent membership survey and recommended areas of focus for the Division III Issues Forum at the 2016 Convention.

DI Football Oversight Committee to take comprehensive look at sport

The Division I Football Oversight Committee, which met Monday and Tuesday in Indianapolis, will take an overall comprehensive look at all aspects of the sport.


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