DII adopts notification of transfer model

Division II has adopted the notification of transfer model, replacing the current permission-to-contact rules with legislation that will allow student-athletes to explore transfer opportunities without being limited by their current school.

DIII Management Council recommends two new emerging sports

The sports of women’s wrestling and acrobatics and tumbling have each taken an important step in the process toward becoming official Division III sports.

DII Presidents Council does not sponsor notification of transfer model

The Division II Presidents Council opposed a heavily discussed transfer concept that was recently established in Division I, determining that the “notification of transfer” model will not advance through the governance structure as a Division II proposal for the 2020 NCAA Convention.

DIII student-athletes soon may be included in NCAA Transfer Portal

Division III student-athletes soon may be permitted to be included in the NCAA Transfer Portal like their peers in Divisions I and II.

DI board acts to move forward strategic agenda

The Division I Board of Directors heard updates on progress made in several of its strategic areas of emphasis, including health and safety, academic misconduct, diversity and inclusion and enforcement and infractions. The board met Wednesday in Indianapolis.

DI Presidential Forum seeks feedback on NCAA’s role in academic integrity issues

The Division I Presidential Forum is seeking member feedback on how to better define the NCAA’s role in instances in which principles of fair competition and student-athlete well-being may be compromised by academic integrity issues. The forum met April 30 in Indianapolis.

Reflecting on the DI Council experience

This spring I will complete my two-year term as chair of the Division I Council. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career, despite the challenges and the time commitment.

DIII membership survey provides direction for the coming years

A day before they vote on 2019 NCAA Convention legislation that would affect Division III immediately, the division’s delegates will gather at their issues forum to weigh in on topics that may influence the future.

DI Committee on Academics begins review of academic metric

The Division I Committee on Academics focused its review of the Academic Progress Rate in a few priority areas, including which student-athletes are included in the rate, transfers (before and after graduation), how the rate is calculated and how penalties are assigned. The committee met Oct. 9-10 in Indianapolis.

Board of Governors to seek feedback for strategic plan

The NCAA’s top governing board soon will be seeking membership feedback as part of the process to refresh the Association’s strategic plan. The Board of Governors has enlisted the services of Attain LLC, a consulting firm, to help create an actionable, long-range plan that solidifies the direction and priorities for the Association.


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