Governance Model

DI Legislative Council offers restructuring feedback

With the redesigned governance structure set to take effect over the next year, the Division I Legislative Council used its final in-person meeting to provide thoughts to a new group called, simply, the Council. That new committee will develop, review and approve Division I legislation.

Restructuring moves forward

The Division I Board of Directors’ decision to restructure how Division I members govern themselves stands. Of the 345 schools in the division, 27 schools requested an override of the legislation that codified the restructuring plan.

Board adopts new Division I structure

The Division I Board of Directors restructured the governance system today, paving the way for student-athletes to have a voice – and a vote – at every level of decision-making.

Division I moves closer to new structure

The Division I Board of Directors will vote on a new governance model on August 7. Read highlights, review the model and the membership feedback that shaped the proposal.

DI Board endorses restructuring, seeks feedback from schools

Division I moved one step closer to a new governance structure Thursday when the Board of Directors endorsed a restructuring plan that has the ability to be more nimble, streamlined and responsive to needs from throughout the division – particularly the needs of student-athletes.

Student-athlete, AD, faculty rep would have votes on proposed new board

The governance model proposed by the Division I Steering Committee for Governance includes a Board of Directors with seats for a student-athlete, a faculty rep and an athletics director. Each of the three would have a vote.

Steering committee working toward new governance model

The steering committee that is leading NCAA plans to restructure Division I plans to deliver a proposed governance model to the membership this spring.

Board assesses Dialogue, looks at next steps for restructuring

Presidents are pleased with feedback from members who participated in Dialogue and plan to work on more defined plan.

DI members provide feedback on restructuring ideas
DI members provide feedback on restructuring ideas

Division I members delved deeper into restructuring concepts at Friday’s Division I Governance Dialogue, providing feedback that will drive the steering committee guiding the redesign of the division’s structure and processes.

Members want diverse voices in DI Governance

Representation for all – including student-athletes – at all levels in the new structure was a key issue expressed at Thursday’s Division I Governance Dialogue.


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