Faculty Athletics Representatives

Working group seeks more engagement from DIII FARs

Kurt Beron, a Texas-Dallas economics professor, has served as the school’s faculty athletics representative since 2000.

The Role of the FAR in Supporting Student-Athlete Mental Health and Wellness

FARs are uniquely positioned to help develop a caring and supportive campus environment that fosters student-athlete mental health and wellness. Participants at the 2015 Division II FAR Advanced Leadership Institute developed best...

Division II FAR Resources

Division II is a leader in supporting the role of the faculty athletics representative (FAR) in governance, strategic planning, establishing academic standards, and, most importantly, advocating for student-athletes. Because faculty...

Division II celebrates 10 years of FAR Institutes

In 2001, Diane Husic was president of the Faculty Athletics Representative Association and a professor and former college athlete who knew well the unique challenges facing FARs. She had been serving in the FAR capacity at a Division II campus since 1989 and understood that, by its nature, the faculty liaison role was a “one-man or one-woman show.”

Speaking From Experience

Alan Hauser hopes his words of wisdom help other faculty athletics representatives advocate for student-athletes.

The More Things Change …

Faculty reps' athletics involvement predates the NCAA, but their organization is just 25 years old.

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