UCLA associate head football coach acted unethically

An associate head football coach at the University of California, Los Angeles, violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he paid for two prospects to receive private training

Stanford failed to monitor softball program activities

Stanford University did not monitor countable athletically related activity for its softball program

Former Lenoir-Rhyne head men’s basketball coach acted unethically

A former Lenoir-Rhyne University head men’s basketball coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he committed recruiting violations, did not provide an atmosphere for compliance and did not participate in an interview during the NCAA investigation

Campbell did not monitor its eligibility certification process

Campbell University failed to monitor the eligibility certification of transfer student-athletes

Missouri did not monitor its men’s basketball program

The University of Missouri, Columbia, failed to monitor its men’s basketball program when it did not fully vet or follow up on internship opportunities provided by a booster for student-athletes and a prospect

Evaluations show infractions process improvements

Reforms intended to shape the future of Division I’s infractions process took effect three years ago – and this summer, two phases of that process have completed self-assessments required by those changes. The reforms, part of a broader...

NCAA Division I Enforcement and Infractions Review Group


Charge of the Review Group

The NCAA Division I Enforcement and Infractions Review Group shall conduct a review of the enforcement and infractions processes. The NCAA Division I Board of Directors identified this as a strategic priority given its importance to the collegiate model, and in recognition of three separate initiatives related to the enforcement and infractions areas: (1) the required self-studies (as set forth in the Enforcement Working Group final report) conducted by the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions, NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee and the enforcement staff; (2) the 2015 autonomy resolution calling for a review of enforcement issues; and (3) the anticipated report of the Collegiate Commissioners Association Working Group on Enforcement.

To accomplish its work, the review group will review the areas identified by the Committee on Infractions, the Infractions Appeals Committee and the enforcement staff, as well as the concepts emerging from the Collegiate Commissioners Association Enforcement Working Group.

Review Group's Reporting Line

The review group reports to the NCAA Division I Council. The Council will provide a status report no later than the Board of Director's August 4, 2016, meeting, which may include legislative recommendations for consideration during 2016-17. The review group will routinely provide quarterly updates to the Board or its administrative committee.

Anticipated Areas of Review

Given that significant progress has been made in the areas of enforcement and infractions over the last three years in particular, the focus of this review will be guided primarily by the areas identified in the required self-studies, and the ideas generated as part of the anticipated Collegiate Commissioners Association report.

Anticipated Timeline

  1. May 2016 - Begin work.
  2. August 2016 - Provide report to the Board of Directors, including identified "Phase 1" issues for potential inclusion in the 2016-17 legislative cycle.
  3. 2016-17 Academic Year - Ongoing work on remaining "Phase 2" issues for potential inclusion in the 2017-18 legislative cycle


Name Title/Designation Institution Conference Divisional Group
Chad Hawley Associate Commissioner, Policy Big Ten Conference Big Ten Conference FBS-A
William King Associate Commissioner, Legal Affairs and Compliance Southeastern Conference Southeastern Conference FBS-A
Tony Hernandez Deputy Director of Athletics University of Miami (Florida) Atlantic Coast Conference FBS-A
Maggie McKinley Senior Associate Athletics Director/SWA University of Cincinnati American Athletic Conference FBS-NA
Kay Norton President University of Northern Colorado Big Sky Conference FCS
Joseph D’Antonio Commissioner Colonial Athletic Association Colonial Athletic Association FCS
Dennis Thomas Commissioner Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference FCS
Dr. Rhonda Hatcher Faculty Athletics Representative Texas Christian University Big XII Conference FBS-A
Dave Roberts Senior Compliance Administrator University of Southern California Pac 12 FBS-A
Mark Orr Director of Athletics St. Mary's College of California West Coast Conference Division I


Former Georgia Southern staff members provided impermissible academic assistance

Two former Georgia Southern University staff members violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when they provided three football student-athletes with impermissible academic assistance, according to a decision issued by a Division I Committee on Infractions panel.

Former Jackson State tennis coach acted unethically, failed to monitor program

A former Jackson State University men’s tennis head coach violated NCAA ethical conduct rules when he allowed an ineligible student-athlete to compete under an eligible student-athlete’s name

Baruch lacked institutional control

Baruch College failed to exercise control over the conduct and administration of its athletics program


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