Divisions I and II extend COVID-19 initial-eligibility policies

Students who initially enroll full time during the 2021-22 or 2022-23 academic years and intend to play NCAA Division I or II athletics will not be required to take a standardized test to meet NCAA initial-eligibility requirements.

DI Council extends recruiting dead period through May 31

The Division I Council extended the recruiting dead period for all sports through May 31, 2021. As part of the vote, members also committed to provide clarity on plans for the transition back to recruiting calendars, including potential modifications for the return to recruiting activity, no later than April 15.

DI Council approves football bowl eligibility requirements waiver

The Division I Council waived bowl eligibility requirements for the 2020-21 bowl season and waived the minimum number of contests for all football teams. The Council met by videoconference Tuesday and Wednesday. In normal circumstances to...

DI Council extends eligibility for winter sport student-athletes

Winter sport student-athletes who compete during 2020-21 in Division I will receive both an additional season of competition and an additional year in which to complete it, the Division I Council decided. The same flexibility was provided...

Divisions I and II members adjust initial-eligibility requirements

High school students intending to play NCAA Division I or II sports whose final semesters of their senior year were disrupted by COVID-19 will have several pathways to meet the NCAA’s initial-eligibility requirements.

Division I continues to address impact of COVID-19

In keeping with the NCAA Board of Governors directive to enact legislative modifications and waivers to provide relief to student-athletes and schools impacted by COVID-19, Division I took additional actions this week to protect the health and well-being of student-athletes, prospects, coaches, administrators and staff.

DI football to offer more participation opportunities

College athletes competing in Division I football can participate in up to four games in a season without using a season of competition, the Division I Council decided this week at its meeting in Indianapolis.

New transfer rule eliminates permission-to-contact process

Beginning in October, Division I student-athletes will have the ability to transfer to a different school and receive a scholarship without asking their current school for permission.

Enforcement staff leads academic integrity summit

NCAA rules violations involving transfer students who use online courses to qualify for NCAA competition are discussed at academic integrity summit.

New eligibility standards now in place for freshmen

Of the recruits certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center, the new requirements would prohibit fewer than 300 from competing in their first year.


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