Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

DII SAAC takes positions on Convention proposals

The national Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has taken formal positions on the division’s 13 legislative proposals for the 2020 NCAA Convention.

Division II SAAC hosts Make-A-Wish reveal at NCAA national office

The national Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee hosted a wish reveal at the NCAA national office in Indianapolis through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Division I SAAC weighs in on early recruiting rules

The Division I National Student-Athlete Advisory Committee discussed its strategic priorities for the upcoming year and provided feedback on Association-wide issues that impact student-athletes.

Engagement Ideas

Encourage wide participation by asking your friends, fellow teammates, members of campus student groups and classmates to join the campaign. Highlight the administrators, faculty, programs and great things that make your campus or...

Days of the Campaign

On April 17 and 18, we ask that you and your fellow student-athletes post to any and all of your social media accounts. Posts can range from a photo of you and your teammates to you making a statement about how we all need to work together...

Planning the Campaign

The two-day social media campaign will take place April 17-18. Each student-athlete planning to partake in this campaign should prepare by doing the following before April 17: Reach out to your athletics department’s director of...

A Voice for Wellness

College sports is one of the few societal agents where people from different backgrounds can come together to reach a common goal.

Division II SAAC supports Convention proposals

As the Division II membership prepares for the 2019 NCAA Convention, the national Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has weighed in with positions of support for each of the nine legislative proposals Division II will consider.

National SAAC Statements of Support

The national Student-Athlete Advisory Committees for Divisions I, II and III have spoken in support of the Board of Governors’ proposal to add five independent members. The groups discussed the proposal at their recent meetings and adopted...

DIII SAAC opposes acclimatization proposal

The Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee endorsed all but one of the proposals that will be subject to a membership vote at the 2019 NCAA Convention.


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