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DII Presidents Council approves funding for proposed Athletes into Medicine and Science pilot

Division II has pledged financial support for a proposed pilot program aimed at increasing the number of African-American male student-athletes pursuing careers in medicine and biomedical research.

DIII Presidents Council approves strategic plan

Division III’s budget and strategic plan for the next two years have been formally approved.

DII Presidents Council does not sponsor notification of transfer model

The Division II Presidents Council opposed a heavily discussed transfer concept that was recently established in Division I, determining that the “notification of transfer” model will not advance through the governance structure as a Division II proposal for the 2020 NCAA Convention.

DIII student-athletes soon may be included in NCAA Transfer Portal

Division III student-athletes soon may be permitted to be included in the NCAA Transfer Portal like their peers in Divisions I and II.

DII Presidents Council supports two membership-sponsored proposals

The Division II Presidents Council voted to support two legislative proposals sponsored by the Division II membership for the 2019 Convention, endorsing changes to rules pertaining to the timing of football and basketball camps and medical care for student-athletes competing unattached from their schools.

DIII Presidents Council opposes acclimatization proposal, supports football amendment

The Division III Presidents Council echoed the Division III Management Council’s positions on a pair of key pieces of legislation, both pertinent to the preseason.

DIII Presidents Council rejects snack proposal

A proposal that would have permitted schools to provide snacks incidental to athletics participation to Division III student-athletes will not move forward to a vote at the 2019 NCAA Convention.

Division II Presidents Council supports Association-wide proposals

The Division II Presidents Council this week agreed to support two Association-wide legislative proposals from the NCAA Board of Governors that are intended to increase accountability and promote fairness in college athletics.

DIII Presidents Council backs football preseason proposal

Division III members will once again have an opportunity to vote on legislation that could reshape the football preseason.

DII Presidents Council supports 4 Convention proposals

The Division II Presidents Council this week voted in support of four 2019 Convention proposals in concept, including one to replace the Division II coaches certification test with modules in Division II University.


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