Management Council

DIII Championships budget reduction proposal advances

The Division III Management Council voted in favor of five proposals from the Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee during its meeting this week in Indianapolis, which will eliminate an estimated $2.17 million from the...

DIII Management Council shoots down recruiting proposal

The Division III Management Council voted against allowing on-campus athletic evaluations, but endorsed a proposal that would allow recruits to hold a nonbinding signing ceremony.

DIII Management Council endorses two changes in recruiting practices

Division III takes close look at recruiting changes, expenses and financial aid compliance.

Student-athletes seek seat on DII Management Council

The Division II national Student-Athlete Advisory Committee wants a seat on the Division II Management Council, a change welcomed by the council. The council has also recommended a requirement for member schools to hire a full-time athletics director and a full-time compliance director.

DII Membership Committee develops proposal to create personnel requirements

During its February meeting in Indianapolis, the Division II Membership Committee discussed the components of its legislative proposal, which would require all Division II members to employ a full-time athletics director and a full-time compliance administrator who have no coaching responsibilities.

Division III committee explores options for graduate students

Division III, Interpretations and Legislation Committee, graduate students, Management Council, financial aid, scouting.

DII explores ideas for new slogan

During their joint meeting at the NCAA Convention, the Division II Management Council and Presidents Council discussed possible messages that could be conveyed by a new externally facing slogan.

DII proposal focuses on roles of ADs, compliance officers

The Division II Management Council recommended that the Division II Presidents Council sponsor a proposal that would require all active Division II institutions to employ a full-time athletics director and and a full-time compliance administrator with no coaching responsibilities.

DIII Management Council stresses prudent future spending

Division III Management Council members dove into a discussion regarding the need for more prudent spending in the future, with current expenditures, coupled with increasing economic constraints, poised to create deficits in the years ahead.

PROP to stress one-year delay for financial, facility changes

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel will issue a directive to all sports playing rules committees to strongly consider a one-year delay when making changes that have a financial or facility impact, particularly for Division II and III schools.


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