Management Council

Division II Management Council supports proposals addressing strength and conditioning coaches, unattached athletes

The Division II Management Council recommended that the Presidents Council sponsor a proposal that calls for the certification of Division II strength and conditioning coaches. It also supported proposals that would change the rules on student-athletes who compete “unattached” in individual sports.

DIII Management Council weighs in on Convention legislation

The Division III legislative slate for the 2016 NCAA Convention has begun to take shape. The Division III Management Council voted to support several pieces of legislation and held preliminary discussions on proposals from the membership when the Management Council convened on July 20-21 in Indianapolis.

Division II Management Council votes down drug testing recommendation

After a lengthy discussion, the Division II Management Council did not support a recommendation to eliminate testing for marijuana and other “street drugs” at Division II championships.

Division III Management Council rejects drug-testing proposal

Despite a recommendation from the Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports that each division cease testing at championships for street drugs such as marijuana, the Division III Management Council voted to reject the recommendation.

Emergency legislation regulating DII for-profit schools adopted

The Division II Presidents Council adopted emergency legislation that would regulate for-profit schools as members of the division and comply with the NCAA’s non-profit status

DII Management Council approves championships budget recommendations

The Division II Management Council endorsed budget recommendations from the Championships Committee and changed its position on a SAAC vote at Convention during its October meeting.

DIII Management Council weighs in on membership legislation

The council opposed a proposal that would reshape football in the spring and endorsed several measures that deregulate benefits to student-athletes, among other actions.

DII Management Council supports amended personnel proposal

The Division II Management Council advanced, with some changes, a proposal requiring schools to have full-time athletics directors and compliance administrators who have no coaching duties.

DII council tables strength and conditioning certification proposal

The Division II Management Council tabled a proposal that would require national certification of any designated strength and conditioning coaches, with the intent of bringing forward a new recommendation after further research.

DII Management Council votes down football voting proposal

Division II Management Council narrowly rejected a proposal to eliminate a provision that permits football-specific voting.


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