Management Council

DII group supports eliminating football two-a-days

In a move to swiftly align Division II rules with new NCAA football health and safety recommendations, the Division II Management Council on Tuesday voted in support of a proposal to ban two-a-day practices during the Division II football preseason.

DIII Management Council eliminates football two-a-days

The Division III Management Council has voted to eliminate traditional two-a-day practices in football, effective immediately.

DIII Management Council supports membership proposals

Five proposals sponsored by Division III members will be up for vote at January’s NCAA Convention – the Management Council voted to support all five.

DII Management Council gets new take on financial aid

Division II Management Council members this week gained a deeper understanding of the potential impacts a trio of financial aid proposals could have if adopted at the 2017 Convention.

DII Management Council supports new proposals

Issues concerning student-athlete health and safety, time demands and academic misconduct took center stage at the Division II Management Council meeting.

DIII Management Council endorses proposals

A trio of key proposals, endorsed this week by the Management Council, appear to be bound for a membership vote at the 2017 NCAA Convention.

DIII Management Council mulls playing season changes

After a thorough review of feedback from roundtable discussions and straw polling at the 2016 NCAA Convention, the Division III Management Council Playing and Practice Seasons Subcommittee has whittled its comprehensive evaluation of playing season rules down to two areas.

DII Management Council supports financial aid concepts

The Division II Management Council voted Monday to support three significant changes to the division’s financial aid rules, moving the legislative concepts one step closer to a membership vote at the 2017 NCAA Convention in January.

Division II Management Council supports proposals addressing strength and conditioning coaches, unattached athletes

The Division II Management Council recommended that the Presidents Council sponsor a proposal that calls for the certification of Division II strength and conditioning coaches. It also supported proposals that would change the rules on student-athletes who compete “unattached” in individual sports.

DIII Management Council weighs in on Convention legislation

The Division III legislative slate for the 2016 NCAA Convention has begun to take shape. The Division III Management Council voted to support several pieces of legislation and held preliminary discussions on proposals from the membership when the Management Council convened on July 20-21 in Indianapolis.


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