Division I Council

DI to consider new women’s basketball recruiting rules

Women’s basketball coaches could be following different recruiting rules by the start of the 2017-18 school year if a package of proposals introduced into the legislative cycle by the Division I Council is adopted. The Council met Oct. 4-5 in Indianapolis.

DI Council introduces time demands legislation

Division I college athletes could have more time to pursue study abroad and internship opportunities if measures introduced into the 2016-17 cycle by the Division I Council are adopted.

Basketball committees could represent five regions

The Division I Council introduced legislation that would spread the members of DI basketball committees across five regions.

Time spent on athletics may get Convention review

Members review concepts for both potential legislation and recommended best practices that could alter the way Division I college athletes spend their time.

Council adjusts bowl selection process

The Division I Council has solidified the process for placing eligible teams into bowl games for the 2016-17 season.

DI Council approves bowl certification moratorium

The Division I Council voted Friday to place a three-year moratorium on certifying new postseason football bowl games. The moratorium is intended to give a working group examining postseason football, including bowl certification criteria, time to complete its work.

DI continues talks on time demands

The Division I Council is playing an active role in discussions about time demands placed on student-athletes and is working with the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern conferences to develop legislation that could alter the college athletics experience for both students and coaches.

DI Council starts discussion about time demands

The Division I Council this week began a discussion about how to address the time demands on college athletes, and members will look to the students themselves to offer potential solutions.

NCAA Division I Council Ad Hoc Financial Aid Issues Working Group

Under the direction of the NCAA Division I Council Student-Athlete Experience Committee, the NCAA Division I Council Ad Hoc Financial Aid Issues Working Group will conduct a comprehensive review of financial aid issues related to cost of attendance and squad limits in equivalency sports.  As specified in the cost of attendance legislation, the intent is to comprehensively address the educational costs of the student-athlete.  As it pertains to equivalency sports, the working group is charged with making recommendations that meet this intent.

When considering limits, the review should focus on three components for each sport:

  • Current roster sizes;
  • The number of scholarship student-athletes; and
  • Championship travel-squad sizes.

Division I Council Ad Hoc Financial Aid Issues Working Group Roster

Division I Council Ad Hoc Financial Aid Issues Working Group Timeline

Working group proceedings:


NCAA Division I Council Ad Hoc Financial Aid Issues Working Group Timelines

Anticipated Timeline.

  • August 2015 – Begin work.
  • September 2015 – Provide an update to the Division I Council at its in-person meeting.
  • Fall 2015 to 2016 NCAA Convention – Solicit feedback from the Division I membership, including equivalency sports’ coaches associations, NCAA Committee on Women's Athletics (CWA), others.
  • February 2016 – Provide a final report to the Division I Council with recommendations at its in-person meeting.
  • Legislative recommendations from this review would enter the 2016-17 legislative cycle.

Teleconference Timeline.

  • Week of August 17.
  • Week of September 7.
  • Week of September 21.
  • Week of October 12.
  • Week of October 26.
  • Week of December 7 – Review feedback.
  • To be determined – Finalize recommendations for February report to Division I Council.

Outreach Timeline.

  • Week of November 2 – Solicit feedback from coaches’ associations, CWA, others.
  • Week of November 16 - Collect feedback.
  • Collect additional feedback at NCAA 2016 Convention.


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