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Division I Council tables proposals on name, image, likeness and transfers

The Division I Council on Monday announced it is committed to adopting new rules allowing student-athletes to benefit from their name, image and likeness, but said several external factors, including recent correspondence with the U.S. Department of Justice, prompted members to delay voting on the proposals.

DI Council grants waiver to allow transfer student-athletes to compete immediately

The Division I Council granted a blanket waiver allowing all transfer student-athletes to compete immediately this season if specific criteria are met.

Recruiting dead period in all sports extended by DI Council

The Division I Council on Wednesday extended the recruiting dead period for all Division I sports through April 15.

DI Council adopts midyear enrollee legislation

The Division I Council adopted emergency legislation allowing some fall sport midyear enrollees to compete during the 2020-21 academic year.

DI Council supports expansion of basketball committees

The Division I Council supported two proposals Wednesday that would expand the Division I Men’s and Women’s Basketball Committees to 12 members. Currently, the composition of both committees is 10 members. The concepts of both proposals...

DI Council approves football bowl eligibility requirements waiver

The Division I Council waived bowl eligibility requirements for the 2020-21 bowl season and waived the minimum number of contests for all football teams. The Council met by videoconference Tuesday and Wednesday. In normal circumstances to...

DI Council introduces championships resource allocation legislation

The Division I Council introduced several pieces of legislation into the 2020-21 cycle that are intended to ensure resources for Division I championships are allocated appropriately. The Council met by videoconference Tuesday and Wednesday...

DI Council extends eligibility for winter sport student-athletes

Winter sport student-athletes who compete during 2020-21 in Division I will receive both an additional season of competition and an additional year in which to complete it, the Division I Council decided. The same flexibility was provided...

DI Council proposal would expand transfer exception

All Division I student-athletes would have the ability to transfer and compete immediately once during their collegiate experience if a measure introduced by the Division I Council is adopted. The Council met by videoconference Tuesday and...

DI Council introduces name, image and likeness concepts into legislative cycle

Division I moved a step closer to changing its name, image and likeness rules when the Division I Council this week introduced concepts providing more opportunities for student-athletes into the 2020-21 legislative cycle. The Council met...


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