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Division I Board of Directors, Presidential Forum discuss sustainability

The Division I Board of Directors reviewed the progress of the Division I Presidential Forum’s study of the sustainability of Division I athletics, and the forum members indicated they will continue to work toward identifying long-term priorities and solutions that will strengthen the division and its commitment to student-athletes.

Division I Board of Directors Infractions Process Committee

The Division I Infractions Process Committee shall support the Board of Directors in its oversight of the infractions process.  Specifically, the committee shall:  

  1. Provide the Board of Directors with periodic reports, including recommendations, analysis and data with regard to infractions processes and matters.
  2. Review the overall effectiveness of the infractions process structure and operation including the internal NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions, Division I Infractions Appeals Committee and external Independent Accountability Review Process. Reviews should include internal reports and performance metrics. The chair of the Division I Board of Directors and the chair of the Independent Accountability Oversight Committee will annually provide the Infractions Process Committee recommendations for topics or areas that should be reviewed in an effort to enhance the quality of all processes.

The Infractions Process Committee, in consultation with the chairs of the Board of Directors and the Independent Oversight Accountability Committee, may recommend reviews by outside professionals/entities capable of assessments of the adjudication processes. Recommendation of outside reviews require approval of the Board of Directors.

To continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the infractions process, the following areas that are the responsibility of NCAA staff management should be considered in reviews: 

  • Education of the membership about the role and value of the infractions process;
  • Collaboration with membership constituencies and other organizations (e.g., coaches associations) to create a culture of compliance and ethical decision-making among their members; and
  • Monitor enforcement trends in key areas (e.g., recruiting, extra benefits, academic misconduct).

Committee Proceedings:

NCAA Division I Board of Directors Finance Committee

The Board of Governors has fiscal responsibilities which include final approval and oversight of budgetary matters of Association-wide issues (e.g., tax returns, regulatory requirements, investments, Association-wide budgets). The Division I Board of Directors Finance Committee shall assist the Division I Board of Directors in providing oversight and approval for the Division I annual budget and allocation of Division I revenue distribution to membership. The Division I Board of Directors has final authority for all Division I budget matters and the Finance Committee reports to the Board of Directors. The Finance Committee has the following responsibilities and duties:

  1. Division I Program Budget. The committee will provide oversight and approval of the annual Division I program budget. This budget will include the Division I championship budget, which provides funds for championship event operations, per diem for membership and team travel related to championships. It will also include funds that are allocated to scholarship and grant programs specific to Division I.
  2.  Division I Revenue Distribution Policy. The committee will annually review and provide oversight for the Division I revenue distribution policy and process.
  3. Division I Revenue Distribution Funds. The committee will provide oversight for the allocation of the total Division I revenue distribution funds within the total amount established in the Association’s 10-year strategic financial plan that is approved by the Board of Governors.

NCAA staff is responsible for the operational implementation of the approved Division I program budget that falls under the purview of the Finance Committee. This includes reallocations of the budget during the fiscal year based on budget variances, changes in operational needs, and the ability to commit funds (i.e., contracts) per Association financial policy.

Committee Proceedings:

DI Board of Directors affirms DI Council decision to delay name, image and likeness, transfer decisions

The Division I Board of Directors affirmed the Division I Council decision earlier this week delaying the adoption of new name, image and likeness rules and allowing student-athletes the chance to transfer and compete immediately, no matter what sport they play. The board met virtually Thursday as part of the 2021 NCAA Convention.

DI Board of Directors approves plan for holding fall championships in spring

NCAA Division I fall championships will be conducted in the spring as outlined in recommendations from the Division I Council and supported by the Division I Presidential Forum, the Division I Board of Directors decided Tuesday.

Division I to work toward hosting fall championships in spring

Division I will work toward hosting scaled-back fall championships in the spring, the Division I Board of Directors determined. The board met by videoconference Friday and adopted the Division I Council recommendation regarding fall championships.

DI Board of Directors reviews name, image and likeness concepts

The Division I Board of Directors on Wednesday reviewed name, image and likeness concepts sent to the division’s members for feedback and provided insight as the governing body that oversees the strategic direction of Division I.

DI Board of Directors and Presidential Forum discuss future of division

The Division I Board of Directors and Division I Presidential Forum discussed this week how to best support schools, student-athletes and incoming student-athletes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All Division I schools must provide independent medical care for student-athletes

The Division I Board of Directors voted Wednesday to require all Division I schools to create an independent reporting line for medical professionals who work with student-athletes, including team doctors and athletic trainers.

DI board seeks to shore up academic integrity rules

The Division I Board of Directors today reaffirmed recent actions intended to strengthen academic integrity and took steps to further bolster efforts to prevent academic misconduct on Division I campuses. The board met in Indianapolis.


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