Championships Committee

Alcohol sales pilot fails to receive recommendation in DIII

While Division I schools may adopt a change to allow alcohol sales at NCAA championships, it appears Division III will likely continue barring alcohol at its championship events.

DIII committee backs postseason format changes

The Division III Championships Committee convened in Indianapolis last month. Highlights from two days of discussion.

DII Championships Committee backs budget requests

The Division II Championships Committee recommended the approval of 23 new budgetary requests from Division II governing sport committees.

Championship squad, bench sizes won’t change in DIII

Though roster sizes are swelling in some Division III sports as athletics departments strive to help meet their institutions’ enrollment demands, the number of student-athletes allowed to dress or be on the bench for NCAA championship events will remain at current levels.

DII explores changes to championship bracketing model

Division II athletics administrators are taking a close look at the model for bracketing Division II championships in an effort to enhance the experience for teams playing in early tournament rounds.

DIII committee targets bracket expansions

Potential championships enhancements and bracket expansions were put into motion last week by the Division III Championships Committee.

DIII Championships Committee plans for future

As the Division III Championships Committee sets its priorities for the next budget cycle, the division’s sport committee chairs have offered input.

Division II committee recommends regionalization working group

The Division II Championships Committee is recommending the division establish a working group to examine the current regionalization model.

DIII contest exemptions discussed

The concept of standardizing contest exemptions across all sports in Division III has garnered more support.

DII Championships Committee to review regionalization

The Division II Championships Committee is taking a comprehensive look at the division’s policy on regionalization, which for the past eight years has been a cornerstone of the Division II championship model.


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