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A year after a mass shooting and raging wildfire, Pepperdine athletes and administrators reflect on three chaotic days in California

In early November 2018, as a southern California community scrambled to cope with tragedy and terror, a handful of Pepperdine teams were either on the verge of wrapping up or embarking on their seasons. Scattered and displaced, student-athletes, coaches and administrators leaned on one another through three difficult days and the uncertain month that followed.

What the NCAA Transfer Portal Is... and What It Isn’t

The concept seemed simple: an online interface that helps athletics compliance officers do their jobs efficiently. But for sports fans hungry for information on lineups, the Transfer Portal has become so much more.

How American Women Got a Foot in Soccer

Trace the arc of Women’s World Cup victories and Olympic gold medals back to their forebears, and you will find a cradle of intercollegiate women’s soccer in Vermont. There, you’ll discover that competitive soccer for women was born at an apex in time: between the old way, when women participated for play and exercise, and the new, when women got a taste for competition and wanted more.

DIII SAAC works to make sports sustainable

One of the Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee’s primary goals this year is to help athletics departments and student-athletes focus on sustainability.

Former college football players compile advice for winning after athletics

Regardless of the sport played, the level of competition or the number of accolades garnered along the way, there’s one thing all athletes have in common: the transition out of sports.

A Time to Transition thumbnail image
A Time of Transition

As transgender athletes make their presence known, sports organizations weigh how to ensure fairness for all.

Summer issue of Champion magazine now available

On the latest cover of Champion magazine, graduating student-athletes at North Carolina Central toss their caps in celebration against a blue Durham sky, the cupola of a historic building on the campus in the background.


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