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Effects of new strategic plan for women’s basketball will start to be felt this season

When NCAA women’s basketball released its new five-year strategic plan in April for all three divisions, the plan aimed to unify and grow its community.

Years after connecting with Kentucky punter in Ethiopia, onetime orphan begins his own college sports career

The boy had no clue he would soon walk the same path as the man across the small table from him. They had grown up in vastly different worlds, after all — but, over burgers, intractable bonds began to form.

Misunderstandings abound about how the Transfer Portal is designed to work

The college sports world is complex. And sometimes — often understandably — even the people who work in it every day get a little confused about how it works.

With aid of prosthetic, women’s basketball official makes it to the big time

Kelly Callahan worked as an NCAA women’s basketball official for 18 years but had never been assigned to the final site of a women’s basketball championship.

Austin president credits athletic and coaching career for steering him to the top of his field

Steven O’Day learned early in life how to adapt to new challenges and responsibilities: He spent four years at Millersville bouncing from defense to midfield to striker, a starter at each spot on the school’s soccer team.

Group commits to inclusion within structure, recruitment efforts

For the College Sports Information Directors of America, the lack of diversity in its ranks has been a consistent concern for decades.

Longtime rivals to square off in stadium both schools now call home

Every year in North Carolina, an enduring football rivalry brews between Shaw and Saint Augustine’s, culminating in an epic end-of-the-season showdown, the Raleigh Classic.

Long-running debate over permitting snacks in DIII finally will reach a vote

A proposal that would have permitted Division III schools to provide snacks to student-athletes stalled last year, but members will soon get another bite at the apple.

New DII program encourages student-athletes to consider officiating

When Gerry Pollard addresses a group of men’s basketball players off the court, he often starts with a simple question: “Guys, what do you personally think about referees?”


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