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DIII membership survey provides direction for the coming years

A day before they vote on 2019 NCAA Convention legislation that would affect Division III immediately, the division’s delegates will gather at their issues forum to weigh in on topics that may influence the future.

DII leaders: Census affirms strategic plan

As Division II prepares for a midterm assessment of its six-year strategic plan, the results of a new membership census will serve as a compass guiding the division’s future objectives and initiatives.

CSMAS recommendation empowers medical staffs

The NCAA’s committee responsible for student-athlete health and safety took steps at its summer meeting to better establish medical personnel as authoritative decision-makers in college sports. During its meeting June 15-17 in Dallas, the...

Board of Governors calls for renewed commitment to values of diversity, inclusion

The NCAA’s commitment to fostering a culture that promotes diversity and inclusion in athletics was bolstered Tuesday when the NCAA Board of Governors unanimously approved a resolution to further commit the Association to those values.

Division II SAAC takes positions on Convention legislation

Members of the Division II Student-Athlete Advisory Committee met in Indianapolis on Nov. 21-22 and established their positions on each piece of legislation that will be considered at the upcoming NCAA Convention. In January, the positions of the committee will be put to action in the first-ever Division II student-athlete votes at the Convention.

Division III SAAC opposes social media deregulation

The Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee supports all but one of the proposals that will be up for vote at January’s NCAA Convention in San Antonio.

Division III finishes 2014-15 with budget surplus

The Division III Strategic Planning and Finance Committee, during a conference call on Nov. 12, received a budget update and also acted on several action requests related to the division’s conference grant program.

UConn women’s exhibition basketball game to be played with experimental rules

Several experimental rules will get a test when the University of Connecticut and Vanguard University women’s basketball teams meet next month.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel on Thursday approved the use of the experimental rules for the Nov. 8 exhibition game between UConn and Vanguard. The request was made in an attempt to see how the rules might provide the committee with information to consider in the future as it continues to identify ways to enhance women’s basketball. Several of the rules have been discussed by the rules committee in recent years.

UConn and...

DII Management Council takes positions on membership-sponsored proposals

The Division II Management Council this week established its position on four membership-sponsored proposals that will come to a vote at the 2016 NCAA Convention.

Citing a need to protect the “life in the balance” approach to the student-athlete experience in Division II, council members decided to oppose two proposals they felt encroached on that philosophy. “We want to keep our focus on the student part of student-athlete,” said Tim Ladd, the faculty athletics...


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