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More athletics departments in autonomy conferences are self-sufficient, but others in DI are increasingly subsidized

Anyone who even casually follows college sports’ financial trends knows a gap has long existed between schools in the five autonomy conferences and the rest of Division I.

Coaching Certification Will Help Ensure Safety

Each year our athletes are challenged to run faster and jump higher. The physical demands required of them continue to escalate. The need for a person who is certified in the proper exercises to attain these goals while ensuring safety and preventing injuries is vital.

Playing, Practice Seasons Get Look

A comprehensive evaluation of rules governing Division III playing and practice seasons has begun in earnest. We hope to ensure our model for college athletics is sustainable and continues to serve the best interests of our schools and student-athletes.

Prescribing a New Tactic

There’s a good chance you never considered painkiller use to be an epidemic, but there is another side to their use: the easy introduction to their potent high through initial prescriptions; ready access to more pills through black markets; and eventually, a pathway to dangerous street drugs.

Preserving balance is in best interest of student-athletes

Faculty athletics representatives work on a day-to-day basis to support student-athlete well-being as well as to promote academic integrity. As such, FARs are uniquely positioned to comment on student-athletes and their role within a university.

Celebrating the Champion

My first experience with Champion magazine in summer 2011 was probably similar to others from outside the NCAA membership who come across it. I had no idea it existed.

Limit head trauma by reducing potential for collisions

As a former NCAA Division I student-athlete and coach, and now an athletics director, I have had a front-row seat to important discussions of head trauma in athletics.

DII stability depends on full-time attention

Division II members will vote in January on a proposal that requires them to staff a full-time athletics director and full-time compliance administrator who do not have any coaching responsibilities

Important tale finally told

A new program, NCAA After the Game, is illuminating the story of former student-athletes and serving as a resource for them

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