Academic Progress Rate (APR)

Academic gains continue among DI student-athletes

Division I student-athletes continue to succeed in the classroom, confirmed by a 2-point increase in the Academic Progress Rate. The overall, four-year rate increased to 983.

Penalties, lost postseason numbers decline

In 2018-19, nine Division I teams will be ineligible for the postseason due to their low Academic Progress Rates, down from 17 teams last year.

NCAA schools recognized for academic performance

More than 1,200 teams from 312 Division I schools have been recognized for academic excellence after scoring in the top 10 percent of their sports in the most recent Academic Progress Rates.

FIU stresses academics

The Academic Progress Rate of Florida International University’s team was hovering in the mid-800s, far below the 930 benchmark for both penalties and access to the postseason. The APR measures the academic success of Division I athletics teams by tracking the retention and eligibility of student-athletes. Garcia, the athletics director, looked at the team’s academic history — specifically, an APR that never climbed above 910 in all 13 years of data collection.

HBCUs continue to make academic progress

When the Division I membership created the Academic Performance Program, leaders insisted that the goal of the new academic standards and accompanying penalties for missing the mark was to inspire schools to improve, not to punish them.

Division I teams face penalties, lose postseason

Seventeen Division I teams will be ineligible for the postseason in 2017-18 due to their low Academic Progress Rates, compared with 23 teams last year.

DI student-athletes continue classroom success

Division I student-athletes improved academically for the 12th consecutive year, earning another all-time high four-year Academic Progress Rate.

NCAA teams achieve Public Recognition Awards for academic excellence

The NCAA today recognized more than 1,200 Division I teams for outstanding academic achievements. Based on their most recent multiyear Academic Progress Rates, these teams have earned NCAA Public Recognition Awards for posting scores in the top 10 percent of their sport.

APR Averages and Trends

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DI committee revises academic penalty appeals process

The Division I Committee on Academics approved revisions to its Academic Performance Program penalty appeal procedures last week. The updates are designed with a three-pronged goal: to provide a more responsive and clear process that will ease the burden on schools seeking relief from penalties resulting from a team’s Academic Progress Rate; to enhance involvement of presidents of penalized schools; and to better focus the committee’s time on strategic matters.


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