2016 NCAA Convention

Division III members gather to discuss playing and practice seasons

Concepts for changes to playing and practice season structure took center stage at the Division III Issues Forum on Friday as council members gauged delegates’ interest in possible changes.

Members provide feedback on new Board of Governors structure

More than 40 NCAA members from all three divisions gathered at an NCAA Convention educational session to provide feedback to potential changes to the Association's highest-ranking governance committee, the Board of Governors.

Former secretary of state urges athletics practitioners to remember their mission

Describing intercollegiate athletics as “a trust” to be handed down to future generations, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Thursday told nearly 1,000 athletics administrators, college presidents and student-athletes gathered for the NCAA Convention in San Antonio they must recommit to the integrity of college sports and remember that the education at its center can be transformative for a young life.

Conferences refer time demands proposals for further study

The Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern conferences plan to work with students and the Division I Council in the next several months to develop research-based proposals aimed at ensuring student-athletes have the time needed to balance athletic, academic and personal interests.

Emmert wants the Association to keep making strides

In his State of the Association address at the Opening Business Session of the NCAA Convention, President Mark Emmert told delegates that recent changes have put intercollegiate athletics in a good place, but there is still more work to be done.

Division II Presidents Council approves reimbursement for transportation at NCAA championships

A slew of Division II schools that competed in 2014-15 team sport championships will receive additional financial assistance after a vote today by the Division II Presidents Council.

Third GOALS survey findings unveiled

Ninety percent of student-athletes across all three divisions, who responded to the Growth, Opportunities, Aspirations and Learning of Students in College survey, credit their collegiate athletics experience with having a positive impact on their lives.

DIII committees discuss football proposal

In a prelude to what is certain to be a lively discussion at Saturday’s Division III business session, the Division III Presidents Council, Division III Management Council and Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee discussed a proposal that would permit contact during football’s nontraditional season during a Thursday morning meeting.

Board of Governors approves changes to subcommittee

During its meeting Wednesday at the NCAA Convention in San Antonio, the NCAA Board of Governors revised the charter for its administrative subcommittee and changed its name to the Board of Governors Executive Committee in moves designed to improve the board's efficiency.

Division II Management Council recommends sponsorship of three proposals for 2017

As Division II members prepare to vote Saturday on eight proposals, the Division II Management Council kicked off this week’s NCAA Convention by looking ahead to next year


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