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High school account review

High schools may be reviewed for a number of reasons, including (a) high schools seeking to have their courses used in the initial-eligibility certification process for the first time, (b) a randomized review of any high school in the Eligibility Center database, or (c) information indicating there may be issues related to the validity of a high school (e.g., curriculum, instruction, assessment, quality control, etc.)

Account Review Process

If you would like your high school or program to be reviewed for use in initial eligibility certifications, and your school does not have an account with the NCAA Eligibility Center, (or your school’s account status is None), you must call our toll-free high school line at 877-622-2321 and speak to a customer service representative. The customer service representative will take some basic demographic information from you, including contact names, phone numbers and email addresses. An email will be sent to your contacts with the login and PIN information to access the High School Portal.

The length of the review process is determined by your timely and complete submission of review documents and any additional information requested by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Required Documents

You will be required to provide the following documents as part of the review process:

  • Information about school policies and operations
  • Information about curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • Administrator and teacher information
  • Enrollment information
  • Current daily class schedule
  • Current course catalog
  • Current academic calendar
  • Current master schedule
  • Sample transcript
  • Transcript key
  • Policy on repeated courses
  • Academic integrity policy
  • Graduation requirements