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Grading scales

The NCAA Eligibility Center calculates a student’s grade-point average (GPA) based on the grades he or she earns in NCAA-approved core courses. Only the student’s best grades from the required number of NCAA core courses are used to calculate his or her GPA. Grades from additional core courses are used only if they improve the student’s GPA.

The NCAA Eligibility Center calculates core-course GPA on a 4.000 scale using quality points:

  • A=4
  • B=3
  • C=2
  • D=1

If your school uses traditional letter grades, there is no need to notify the NCAA Eligibility Center of your grading scheme. 

If your school uses numeric grade values, the NCAA Eligibility Center converts those numeric values into quality points based on the four-point scale shown above. To convert numeric values, the NCAA Eligibility Center needs to know how your school assigns letter grades based on a numeric scale, as well as the first academic year your school’s current grading scale went into effect.

The NCAA Eligibility Center does not use plus or minus grades to calculate GPA. For example, an A+, A and A- would all receive a quality point of 4. In Pass/Fail grading situations, the NCAA Eligibility Center assigns your school’s lowest passing grade for a course in which the student received a Pass grade. For most schools, the lowest passing grade is a D.

Weighted grades

The NCAA Eligibility Center may use weighted grades when calculating core-course GPA if the course titles indicate they are honors, AP/IB, or advanced (Pre-AP/Pre-IB) courses and the weighted grades are part of the student’s overall GPA. A maximum of 1.00 quality point may be assigned.

Weighted grades used only for class rank and which do not factor into a student's overall grade-point average are not used by the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Submitting your numeric grading scale or course weighting

To notify the NCAA Eligibility Center of your school’s new or revised numeric grading scale or course weighting, please submit the following documentation:

  • A letter notifying the NCAA Eligibility Center of the grading scale submission, on school letterhead, signed by the principal or the primary NCAA Eligibility Center contact.
  • A copy of the numeric scale or weighted grade policy as it is listed in a published source (such as a handbook, school profile or course catalog) for the current academic year.
  • A copy of published documentation or school board meeting minutes from the year the Scale or weighting went into effect. If the effective date was many years in the past, your documentation may be from a more recent academic year relevant to your current student-athletes.

Submit documentation electronically on letterhead (include your school’s code or CEEB) to:

NCAA High School Review
Grading Scale / Weighting

If your school’s revised grading scale or weighting is not applicable to your current graduating class, do not submit the updated documentation until September or October of the academic year to which it first applies.