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Jack Ford: From the football field to the court room to the small screen, he’s all about winning

Ford’s agility on the field was merely a prelude to a successful career in law and TV

Jack Ford is a renaissance man if ever there was one. He is among the most successful broadcast journalists, a recipient of several major awards, a documentary producer and possesses a resume featuring almost every major TV news outlet. He was a prominent trial attorney who worked a number of high-profile cases. He has been a teacher, a speaker, and even a published author.

Jack Ford, Yale University

Raised with his three siblings by a single mom in a small town in New Jersey, Ford never imagined his public school education and modest beginnings would lead him to the elite private university and college degree that kick-started his illustrious career. Fortunately, he was as talented in football as he was in academics and earned an academic scholarship and was invited by Yale to play for the Bulldogs.

"I have always, always said that without college athletics I have no idea what I’d be doing with my life,” he says,  “so whenever I have the opportunity to trumpet the values of college athletics, I take it.”

After graduating from Yale in 1972, Jack headed off to law school at Fordham.  Following law school, he served as a New Jersey prosecutor for three years before becoming a highly successful trial attorney who handled a number of high-profile cases in the Northeast. 

Ford’s broadcasting career began in 1984 when he took an anchor position at WCBS-TV in New York. From there, he could be found seemingly anywhere you looked on TV. The road leading up to his current positions as the CBS News legal analyst and correspondent for 60 Minutes Sports included stints at  “NBC News,” “Today,” “Dateline,” “Good Morning America” and ESPN. Television viewers may remember him as the primary legal correspondent for “NBC News” during the O.J. Simpson trial in the mid ‘90s and for his title of “Sexiest News Anchor” as given to him by People magazine in 1999.

The recipient of five honorary degrees and numerous professional awards, he is most proud of his “National Father of the Year Award” in 1998.   He currently resides in Spring Lake, N.J., where he and his wife are frequently visited by their two grown children and grandkids.