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Dear football, thank you

Darryll Stinson, a pastor and CEO of Second Chance Athletes, wrote about the life lessons he learned as a football student-athlete at Central Michigan in a personal letter. Credit: Central Michigan

One hundred and fifty years of college football is reason to celebrate. Beyond the wins and losses, spirited rivalries and epic gridiron matchups, are the impactful lessons players carry with them for life. Darryll Stinson, a former Central Michigan football student-athlete, captured his gratitude for those lessons — and the sport as a whole — in an emotional letter:

“I’m so grateful that you (football) gave me a chance to get a quality education. The life lessons you taught me prepared me for life. You set me up for success. So, for that, football, I say thank you.”

Stinson earned a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan in applied arts, public relations, advertising and applied communication in 2012. Today, he is the CEO and founder of Second Chance Athletes, a nonprofit organization helping athletes find their identity, discover purpose and build their dreams after sports. He also is the executive pastor of Life Church International in Duluth, Georgia.

Watch Stinson read his letter: