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Selection dates, bracket size proposed by DIII Championships Committee

The Division III Championships Committee on Tuesday proposed selection dates and bracket sizes for the 2021 NCAA winter championships. All recommendations will move forward through the governance process, where they must be supported by...

PROP delays rules changes for one year in five sports

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved delaying rules changes in five sports for a year to mitigate the financial impact on athletics budgets in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

15-meter video review option approved in swimming

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved allowing the use of video review to determine whether 15-meter violations were called accurately in men’s and women’s swimming.

Video review option recommended in swimming

The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Rules Committee proposed allowing the use of video review to determine if 15-meter infractions were accurately called.

NCAA names 2019 Jim McKay Scholarship winners

Two student-athletes on track to graduate in the coming weeks each will receive a $10,000 Jim McKay Scholarship, awarded by the NCAA to college athletes pursuing postgraduate studies in sports communications.

NCAA names 2018 Jim McKay Scholarship winners

An NCAA committee has selected two recipients of the 2018 Jim McKay Scholarships: Soren Dahl, a swimmer at North Carolina State, and Kylee Smith, who played on the Belmont women’s basketball team.

Former Ohio State swimming coach failed to promote compliance

The former Ohio State head men’s swimming coach failed to promote an atmosphere of rules compliance related to recruiting violations, according to a Division I Committee on Infractions panel. The violations stemmed from a prospect living near campus before enrollment, which the Committee on Infractions has repeatedly warned can lead to violations.


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